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Press releases from New Jersey

Hydrogen-powered lawnmowers?

National Sciene Foundation, Tue January 23, 2007 [PRESS RELEASE]
Princeton, New Jersey, USA - In a breakthrough that could make fuel cells practical for such small machines as lawnmowers and chainsaws, researchers have developed a new mechanism to efficiently control hydrogen fuel cell power.

New engineering center to transform sensor technology

Princeton University, Tue May 02, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Princeton, NJ - The National Science Foundation has funded a multimillion-dollar Engineering Research Center based at Princeton University that is expected to revolutionize sensor technology, yielding devices that have a unique ability to detect minute amounts of chemicals found in the atmosphere, emitted from factories or exhaled in human breath.

AAA Calls On Public To Turn In Used, Lead-Acid Batteries

The Nature Conservancy, Sat April 22, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
New Jersey - In commemoration of Earth Day, the AAA New Jersey Automobile Club and its team of battery service professionals want the public's help in hunting down what is estimated to be more than 5 million used lead-acid automotive and marine batteries.

Conservancy partners to preserve more than 850 acres in Skylands

Nature Conservancy, Wed August 24, 2005 [PRESS RELEASE]
Chester, NJ - The Nature Conservancy in New Jersey recently partnered with a consortium of nonprofit conservation and local government groups including the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and the New Jersey Conservation Foundation (NJCF) to protect 852-acres known as the Culvermere Property in Frankford and Hampton townships, Sussex County. The Conservancy contributed funds from a grant from the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. The property will be managed by NJDEP as part of the 2,000-acre Bear Swamp Wildlife Management Area.

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