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Press releases from Minnesota

Partners Protect 1,800-acre City Forest

Nature Conservancy, Mon January 02, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Duluth, MN - The largest contiguous tract of ecologically significant City-owned land has been permanently protected, ensuring wildlife habitat and public access, partners in the project announced today.

The Turtles are on the Move!

Nature Conservancy, Fri June 24, 2005 [PRESS RELEASE]
Minneapolis, MN - The threatened Blanding's Turtles are making their annual journey across Wabasha County Road 84 to their nesting grounds at The Nature Conservancy's Weaver Dunes Preserve!

ATK and NASA Successfully Test First Solar Sail Propulsion System

ATK, Tue May 10, 2005 [PRESS RELEASE]
Minneapolis, MN - Alliant Techsystems and NASA have successfully tested the functional deployment and
attitude control of an ultra-lightweight, high-performing solar sail propulsion system.

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