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Press releases from Michigan

Researchers find new gene linked to breast cancer

University of Michigan Health System, Sun October 07, 2007 [PRESS RELEASE]
Ann Arbor, MI - Researchers in a multicenter international study have identified a new gene that, if mutated, may increase a woman's risk of breast cancer by more than a third.

Scientists Coax Nerve Fibers To Regrow After Spinal Cord Injury

Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, Thu July 20, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Ann Arbor, Michigan - In tests on rats, researchers at Johns Hopkins and the University of Michigan have developed a treatment that helps spinal cord nerves regrow after injury.

If all drivers were polite, they would get where theyre going faster

University of Michigan, Sun May 28, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Ann Arbor, MI - A new study from the University of Michigan found that traffic metering systems that incorporate new algorithms for merging could reduce the seriousness of traffic slowdowns that originate near freeway on-ramps.

Evolutionary forces explain why women live longer than men

University of Michigan, Tue May 09, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Ann Arbor, Michigan - Despite research efforts to find modern factors that would explain the different life expectancies of men and women, the gap is actually ancient and universal, according to University of Michigan researchers.

Cell studies show promise for ginger as potential ovarian cancer treatment

University of Michigan, Tue April 18, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Ann Arbor, MI - Ginger is known to ease nausea and control inflammation. But researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center are investigating a new use for this age-old remedy: treating ovarian cancer.

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