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Press releases from Florida

NIKE to Donate $6 Million in Footwear to Help Teens Get Active and into Sport During Summer Break

Business Wire, Wed May 23, 2007 [PRESS RELEASE]
New Orleans, Louisiana, USA - NIKE Inc. today announced the launch of its NikeSummerShoes program, which will deliver more than 60,000 pairs of shoes, worth an estimated $6 million, to young people in 21 communities from coast-to-coast to help them get active over summer break through sport, dance and play. Created in partnership with the National Recreation and Park Association (NRPA), NikeSummerShoes is a key element in NRPA's "Step Up to Health" initiative, which is designed to leverage park and recreation assets to promote healthy lifestyles and build more livable communities.


Miracle Professional Baseball, Thu May 03, 2007 [PRESS RELEASE]
Fort Myers, Florida, USA - Miracle Baseball has run baseball camps ever since it moved to Fort Myers in 1992. This season they will hold their first ever baseball camp for physically and mentally challenged kids on Saturday, May 13 at Hammond Stadium.

FSU research produces images of AIDS virus that may shape vaccine

Florida State University , Sun May 28, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Tallahassee, FL - As the world marks the 25th year since the first diagnosed case of AIDS, groundbreaking research by scientists at Florida State University has produced remarkable three-dimensional images of the virus and the protein spikes on its surface that allow it to bind and fuse with human immune cells.

Research highlights how bacteria produce energy

American Society for Microbiology, Tue May 23, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Orlando, FL - The world's smallest life forms could be the answer to one of today's biggest problems: providing sustainable, renewable energy for the future.

UF scientists restore sight to chickens with blinding disease

University of Florida, Tue May 23, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Gainesville, FL - University of Florida scientists have delivered a gene through an eggshell to give sight to a type of chicken normally born blind.

Newly discovered protein could hold key to preventing heart disease

University of Central Florida, Wed May 17, 2006 [PRESS RELEASE]
Central Florida - A University of Central Florida research team found that the levels of MCPIP increased in mice as their blood vessels became inflamed and heart disease began to develop

Keys Wastewater Funding Included in Senate Bill

Nature Conservancy, Fri June 24, 2005 [PRESS RELEASE]
Altamonte Springs, FL - Conservation groups and concerned citizens throughout the Florida Keys cheered the good news this week that a Senate committee has set aside $3 million for Keys wastewater projects for next fiscal year.

Lemon Bay Preserve Protection Advances With Purchase of Bayfront Parcel

The Nature Conservancy, Sun May 22, 2005 [PRESS RELEASE]
Sarasota, FL - On Tuesday, a piece of bayfront property that serves as habitat for the Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoise and other rare species is set to be protected by Sarasota County with the help of The Nature Conservancy.

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