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Press release from Miracle Professional Baseball | May 03, 2007

Fort Myers, Florida, USA - Miracle Baseball has run baseball camps ever since it moved to Fort Myers in 1992. This season they will hold their first ever baseball camp for physically and mentally challenged kids on Saturday, May 13 at Hammond Stadium.
"This is one of those life changing moments not only for the kids in the camp, but our players as well."
- Kevin Boles, team manager

From 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. every single Miracle player will be out at Hammond Stadium teaching and helping the kids in the fundamentals of baseball. With various stations set up, the kids will learn how to bat and throw, and it will also give them a chance to be out on a professional baseball field. The camp is limited to the first 20 kids 17 and under and the camp is free to all who attend. To register a child for the camp, please call 239-768-4210 or send an e-mail to Baseball Camp For Physically And Mentally Challenged Kids and include your name, the child's name, full address, phone number, and any special needs for your child that we should be aware of.

“When Steve Gliner (Miracle General Manager) first came to me with this idea I knew this was something I wanted our whole team to take part in,” said Miracle manager Kevin Boles. “This is one of those life changing moments not only for the kids in the camp, but our players as well. I look forward to this and hope our players take something away from this.”

Dave Clark, a Cape Coral resident and polio survivor, is helping the Miracle run this event. Clark is currently a professional baseball scout and has helped run these camps in recent years in different parts of the country.

Kids are asked to bring their own baseball gloves and a chaperone is required to be in attendance for each participant. Each participant will receive four tickets for that evening’s baseball game against the Daytona Cubs as well as lunch following the camp.

Article has been adapted from a news release issued by Miracle Professional Baseball. Click here for the original news release.

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