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University of Southern California Medical Facilities Go Green

Press release from Sanitec USA | February 03, 2007

Sun Valley, California, USA - Sanitec USA today announced that the University of Southern California has
awarded the microwave healthcare waste disinfection leader its medical
waste treatment and disposal contract. Under the terms of the contract,
Sanitec USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanitec Industries, Inc., will
provide the medical facilities of USC with full-service medical waste
transport, processing, treatment, and disposal services.

"We are excited about our new partnership with the University of
Southern California," said Sanitec president, Jim Harkess. "There is no
avoiding medical waste, a cycle which begins any time we receive health
services, whether it's a simple annual check-up or dental visit or major
surgery. Yet, through the use of Sanitec's Microwave Healthcare Waste
Disinfection System, USC is taking a major step in reducing the
environmental and social costs of this waste," Harkess said.
About the size of a bus, Sanitec units are fully automated,
self-contained and are approved for use in all 50 states and DC. The
Sanitec system works by first shredding untreated "red bag" waste and
spraying it with high-pressure, high temperature steam. The shredded
material then moves through a cork screw auger where six industrial
microwaves "cook" the material from the inside out, eliminating bacterial
and viral pathogens. In addition to being zero-emission, the Sanitec
process reduces the volume of medical waste by up to 80 percent less, which
means less impact on municipal landfills and far fewer waste-hauling
tractor trailers on California roads.
Unlike the extreme temperatures of medical waste incinerators and
autoclaves, which transform biohazard material into other dangerous waste
products including dioxin, Sanitec systems create no harmful emissions and
the treated waste is approved for disposal in any municipal landfill.
About Sanitec Industries, Inc.
Sanitec Industries, Inc. is the global patent holder for the Sanitec(R)
Microwave Healthcare Waste Disinfection System(TM). Healthcare facilities
nationwide, ranging from large hospital systems to single practitioner
doctors' offices, utilize Sanitec systems to transform dangerous healthcare
waste into low-volume, unrecognizable non-infectious material that requires
no further treatment and can be safely disposed of in municipal landfills.
Sanitec(TM) units are fully automated, self-contained and are approved for
use in all 50 states and DC. Worldwide, Sanitec systems have treated over
500 million pounds of infectious waste.

Article has been adapted from a news release issued by Sanitec USA. Click here for the original news release.

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