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World Breakthrough On Salt-Tolerant Wheat

A team of Australian scientists involving the University of Adelaide has bred salt tolerance into a variety of durum wheat that shows improved grain yield by 25% on salty soils using non-GM techniques.

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Apple Offers Free Computer Take-Back Program

Apple, Thu April 27, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Cupertino, CA - Apple today announced an expansion of its successful recycling program, offering free computer take-back and recycling with the purchase of a new Macintoshή system beginning in June.

New Truck Stop Electrification Station Maps Help Truckers Reduce Idling

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Tue April 25, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Golden, CO - A new internet-based mapping program is helping truckers find truck stops with idle reduction facilities-on-site systems that can substantially cut fuel use while reducing air emissions.

NASA Data Combined To Improve Hurricane Landfall Forecasts

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Tue April 25, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Greenbelt MD - Data gathered from last year's NASA hurricane research mission and a NASA satellite have improved tropical storm landfall and storm strength forecasts in computer models.

University Of Utah To Help Build Realistic Bionic Arm

University of Utah, Tue April 25, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Utah - University of Utah researchers will receive up to $10.3 million to help develop a new prosthetic arm that would work, feel and look like a real arm.

Donate Your Unused Computing Power To Aid Medical Research

University of Washington, Mon April 17, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - Just because you don't know much about biology or medicine won't stop you from helping to someday cure diseases like malaria, HIV, or cancer.

MIT Physicists Create New Form Of Matter

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Sun June 26, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Cambridge, Mass - MIT scientists have brought a supercool end to a heated race among physicists: They have become the first to create a new type of matter, a gas of atoms that shows high-temperature superfluidity.

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