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World Breakthrough On Salt-Tolerant Wheat

A team of Australian scientists involving the University of Adelaide has bred salt tolerance into a variety of durum wheat that shows improved grain yield by 25% on salty soils using non-GM techniques.

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Quantum dots reviewed - Could these nanoparticles hold the cure to cancer?

AZoNetwork , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
The worlds of medical and biological research are abuzz with the promises offered by nanoparticles known as semiconductor quantum dots.

Pitt professor designs less-risky reactor for clean, safe energy

University of Pittsburgh , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Pittsburgh, Penn - Pitt chemical engineering professor Goetz Veser has created microreactors that won't explode, no matter what the gas composition or how hot they get, and that can keep undesirable pollutants, like nitrogen oxides, from forming. His results could be used to design processes for safe, clean energy production and hydrogen storage.

High-tech equipment may help reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions

Montana State University , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
As part of a six-year study, researchers at the Western Transportation Institute at Montana State University have helped test and develop an animal-detection system that may give motorists the upper hand in avoiding crashes with wildlife across the nation.

Brown engineers build a better battery—with plastic

Brown University, Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Providence, RI - It's thin, light, flexible -- and plastic. Brown University engineers Hyun-Kon Song and Tayhas Palmore have created a prototype polymer-based battery that packs more power than a standard alkaline battery and more storage capacity than a double-layered capacitor. Their work, published in Advanced Materials, will be of interest to the energy, defense and aerospace industries, which are looking at more efficient ways to deliver electricity.

SWAN System To Help Blind And Firefighters Navigate Environment

Georgia Institute of Technology, Sat August 26, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Georgia - Imagine being blind and trying to find your way around a city you've never visited before -- that can be challenging for a sighted person.

Researchers Build Sharpest Tip

University of Alberta, Sat July 15, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Calgary, AB - Forget the phrase, "sharp as a tack." Now, thanks to new University of Alberta research the popular expression might become, "sharp as a single atom tip formed by chemically assisted spatially controlled field evaporation."

Belgium’s Antarctic research station a global sustainability benchmark

International Polar Foundation, Sun June 04, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Belgium - The International Polar Foundation (IPF) unveiled today the final plans for Belgium's Princess Elisabeth Antarctic research station, to be built during the International Polar Year 2007-08 (IPY).

‘Super Broccoli’ Promises To Help Us Live Longer, Last Longer On Our Shelves

University of Warwick, Sun May 21, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Warwick, UK - Warwick HRI, the University of Warwick's plant research Department, has created a stand at the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show in London this week. However the star exhibit in their garden won't be multicoloured flowers or a soothing water feature. The Warwick HRI stand will show how far scientists have reached in breeding a range of "Super Broccoli" and its wider brassica family which will: help us live longer, last longer on our shelves, and use much less pesticide and fertilizer.

AFS files patent for 250 mpg ‘Extreme Hybrid’ plug-in car

AFS Trinity Power, Tue May 16, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Seattle, WA - AFS Trinity Power Corporation today filed its patent application disclosing the company's new technology for an Extreme Hybrid(TM) car capable of carrying the average American motorist more than 250 miles on a single gallon of gasoline or ethanol.

The most realistic virtual reality room in the world

Iowa State University, Thu May 11, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Ames, Iowa - More than $4 million in equipment upgrades will shine 100 million pixels on Iowa State University's six-sided virtual reality room.

Nanotubes Used For First Time To Send Signals To Nerve Cells

University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, Tue May 09, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Galveston, Texas - Texas scientists have added one more trick to the amazing repertoire of carbon nanotubes - the ability to carry electrical signals to nerve cells.

Computer Grid Helps Fight Avian Flu

Particle Physics & Astronomy Research Council, Thu May 04, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
London - During April, computers in the UK have been working overtime in the fight against avian flu. As part of an international collaboration, computers at eleven UK universities and research labs have put in one hundred thousand hours of time searching for possible drug components against the avian flu virus H5N1. The analysis used a computing Grid, a new network that brings together worldwide computer resources to solve scientific problems.

New engineering center to transform sensor technology

Princeton University, Tue May 02, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Princeton, NJ - The National Science Foundation has funded a multimillion-dollar Engineering Research Center based at Princeton University that is expected to revolutionize sensor technology, yielding devices that have a unique ability to detect minute amounts of chemicals found in the atmosphere, emitted from factories or exhaled in human breath.

Computers to save unique type of American red squirrel

University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Thu April 27, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Phoenix, Arizona - UK expertise is being exported to North America to help prevent a unique type of red squirrel dying out in as little as 30 years time.

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