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Health press releases

Virus discovery helps scientists predict emerging diseases‎

Fresh insight into how viruses such as SARS and flu can jump from one species to another may help scientists predict the emergence of diseases in future.
"Emerging diseases such as SARS, HIV and some types of flu have all got into humans from other species. Understanding how diseases jump between different species is essential if we want to predict the appearance of new diseases in the future."
- Dr Ben Longdon of the University of Edinburgh's School of Biological Sciences

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Quantum dots reviewed - Could these nanoparticles hold the cure to cancer?

AZoNetwork , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
The worlds of medical and biological research are abuzz with the promises offered by nanoparticles known as semiconductor quantum dots.

Aussie team makes landmark insulin discovery

CSIRO Australia , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
A team of CSIRO scientists has determined the molecular structure of the insulin receptor, the protein on the surface of cells that mediates the effects of insulin. This advance builds on many years of international research to understand how insulin functions in the body.

Hope for major advance in fighting world killer disease

University of Leicester , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Leicester, UK - University of Leicester scientists are heading a worldwide research project which could revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of diarrhoea in children in developing countries.

‘Wait-and-see’ approach for treating ear infections substantially reduces use of antibiotics

JAMA and Archives Journals , Thu September 14, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
For children with acute ear infections seen in an emergency department, giving parents the option of delaying use of antibiotics resulted in significantly lower use of antibiotics compared to parents who received a standard prescription, with little difference in the outcomes for the children, according to a study in the Sept. 13 issue of JAMA.

New sunscreen ingredient to heal sunburn and help prevent skin cancer

University of Bath, Thu September 07, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Bath, UK - People who suffer from sunburn could soon benefit from a new sunscreen ingredient that actively repairs sunburnt skin and helps prevent the onset of skin cancer, according to research published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

SWAN System To Help Blind And Firefighters Navigate Environment

Georgia Institute of Technology, Sat August 26, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Georgia - Imagine being blind and trying to find your way around a city you've never visited before -- that can be challenging for a sighted person.

Socking it to cancer

University of Queensland, Thu August 03, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Queensland, Australia - An Australian research team has identified a gene that could be used to stop tumours growing by blocking their blood supply.

Can you hear me now? Scientists find previously unknown receptors on adult stem cells

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Fri June 23, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Oklahoma City - For many years, researchers believed that stem cells in the bone marrow spent most of their existence in a slumber-like state, unaware of -- and unaffected by -- the daily battles fought by the body's immune system.

Cure Found for Huntington Disease in Mice Offers Hope for Treatment in Humans

Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics, Sun June 18, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Vancouver, BC - Researchers at the Child and Family Research Institute's Centre for Molecular Medicine and Therapeutics (CMMT) have provided ground-breaking evidence for a cure for Huntington disease in a mouse offering hope that this disease can be relieved in humans.

Animal studies suggest vegetables may reduce hardening of arteries

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Sun June 18, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Winston-Salem NC - New research suggests one reason vegetables may be so good for us a study in mice found that a mixture of five common vegetables reduced hardening of the arteries by 38 percent compared to animals eating a non-vegetable diet.

A cleaner, greener rice industry

International Rice Research Institute, Mon June 05, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Hanoi, Viet Nam - In a new partnership, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is working with the member countries of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) to develop a series of environmental indicators for rice production in the region.

FSU research produces images of AIDS virus that may shape vaccine

Florida State University , Sun May 28, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Tallahassee, FL - As the world marks the 25th year since the first diagnosed case of AIDS, groundbreaking research by scientists at Florida State University has produced remarkable three-dimensional images of the virus and the protein spikes on its surface that allow it to bind and fuse with human immune cells.

Revolution in the fight against cancer & viruses

Research Australia, Thu May 25, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Clayton, Australia - A recent scientific discovery could herald the introduction of fast, effective treatments for cancer and viruses.

World Fire Maps Now Available Online In Near-real Time

European Space Agency, Wed May 24, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
European Union - For a decade now, ESA satellites have been continuously surveying fires burning across the Earth’s surface. Worldwide fire maps based on this data are now available to users online in near real time through ESA's ATSR World Fire Atlas.

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