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One Solution to Global Overfishing Found

A study by the Wildlife Conservation Society, ARC Centre for Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and other groups on more than 40 coral reefs in the Indian and Pacific Oceans indicates that 'co-management' -- a collaborative arrangement between local communities, conservation groups, and governments -- provides a solution to a vexing global problem: overfishing.
"We found clear evidence of people's ability to overcome the 'tragedy of the commons' by making and enforcing their own rules for managing fisheries, This is particularly encouraging because of the perceived failure of many open-access and top-down government-controlled attempts to manage fisheries around the world. More importantly, we have identified the conditions that allow people to make co-management successful, providing vital guidance for conservation groups, donors, and governments as to what arrangements are most likely to work."
- team leader Dr Josh Cinner of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University, Australia

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Crane hatching marks a first for Smithsonian’s National Zoo

Smithsonian, Fri April 20, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - Smithsonian's National Zoo has announced a first in its 118-year history -- the hatching of a rare wattled crane chick.

Plastic solar cell efficiency breaks record at Wake Forest Nanotechnology Center

Wake Forest University, Thu April 19, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Winston-Salem, NC - Researchers at Wake Forest University's Center for Nanotechnology and Molecular Materials have doubled the efficiency of organic or flexible, plastic solar cells in just two years. The new record set at Wake Forest is more than 6 percent efficiency.

EPA, NRDC Sign Pledge to Green Cities, Prevent Pollution

NRDC, Thu April 19, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Pittsburgh, PA - The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) signed a statement of intent today to pursue “green infrastructure” approaches to reduce sewer overflows and stormwater pollution.

Turtle poachers apprehended in Malaysia

World Wildlife Fund, Fri April 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia - Malaysian authorities seize several Chinese fishing boats off the northern coast of Borneo carrying cargoes of endangered marine turtles.

Supreme Court Rules Unanimously Against Power Plant Polluters, Sets Up Major Challenge to Bush Admin

Natural Resources Defense Council, Sun April 08, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - In the second of two major environmental decisions handed down today, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously against electric utility companies’ long running and dangerous efforts to escape key enforcements of the Clean Air Act. The verdict is a resounding victory for the American public, according to legal experts at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

New homes rise from rubbish

University of Leeds, Tue April 03, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Leeds, England, UK - Imagine if you could turn old rubbish into new houses.

Colombia expands Amazon protection

World Wildlife Fund, Mon April 02, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
The creation of a new national park in Colombia adds to the protection of endangered flora and fauna in the Amazon basin.

Oceana applauds Pioneer’s decision to eliminate mercury from Louisiana chlorine plant

Oceana, Wed March 21, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Louisiana - Jackie Savitz, Pollution Campaign Director for the international ocean conservation group Oceana, which has been running a campaign to get the United States' nine remaining mercury-based plants to shift to mercury-free technology, today released the following statement on Pioneer Industries' commitment to upgrade from mercury cell to membrane cell technology for the production of chlorine at its St. Gabriel, La., chemicals plant:

Endangered Shortnose Sturgeon Saved In Hudson River

Cornell University, Sun February 04, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
For the first time, a fish identified as endangered has been shown to have recovered -- and in the Hudson River near New York City, report Cornell's Mark Bain and colleagues in the online publication PLoS ONE.

University of Southern California Medical Facilities Go Green

Sanitec USA, Sat February 03, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Sun Valley, California, USA - Sanitec USA today announced that the University of Southern California has
awarded the microwave healthcare waste disinfection leader its medical
waste treatment and disposal contract. Under the terms of the contract,
Sanitec USA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanitec Industries, Inc., will
provide the medical facilities of USC with full-service medical waste
transport, processing, treatment, and disposal services.

California’s Global Warming Fuels Standard Drives Trend Overseas

NRDC, Thu February 01, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
San Francisco - The European Union today announced a new global warming pollution standard for motor fuels that is virtually identical to this month’s executive order by California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The European initiative underscores the influence and importance of California’s continued leadership in finding innovative solutions to global warming pollution, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC).

A boost for hydrogen fuel cell research

EurekAlert!, Fri January 26, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Berkeley, California, USA - The development of hydrogen fuel cells for vehicles, the ultimate green dream in transportation energy, is another step closer.

Harvesting nuts, improving lives in Brazil

World Wildlife Fund, Thu January 25, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Brazil - Jose Francisco Conceicao started harvesting Brazil nuts on his small family plot in the Amazon forest 32 years ago. It wasn't until a few months ago that he actually made enough of a profit from his crop to buy a house. Find out more about sustainable livelihoods in the Brazilian Amazon.

Hydrogen-powered lawnmowers?

National Sciene Foundation, Tue January 23, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Princeton, New Jersey, USA - In a breakthrough that could make fuel cells practical for such small machines as lawnmowers and chainsaws, researchers have developed a new mechanism to efficiently control hydrogen fuel cell power.

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