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Australian startup reinvents the process of giving

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - New website facilitates charitable donations by enabling people to make a public promise and pay a nominated amount to a charity if they break that promise.

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Leaders Announce Global Effort to Restore 150 Million Hectares of Deforested Land

World Resource Institute, Fri September 02, 2011, [PRESS RELEASE]
Bonn, Germany - A global effort to restore 150 million hectares of degraded and deforested lands by 2020 is being launched in Bonn, Germany.

Malaria Discovery Gives Hope for New Drugs and Vaccines

University of California - San Francisco, Thu September 01, 2011, [PRESS RELEASE]
An investigation into the mysterious inner workings of the malaria parasite has revealed that it survives and proliferates in the human bloodstream thanks in part to a single, crucial chemical that the parasite produces internally.

Lawsuit forces Canada to protect endangered killer whales

Eco Justice, Tue March 03, 2009, [PRESS RELEASE]
Vancouver, BC - After British Columbians celebrated the unexpected arrival of two newborn killer whales last week, there is another new cause for hope for BCs imperilled killer whale populations. This week, the federal government issued an Order that will provide legal protection for the endangered species habitat - a stunning policy reversal after a lawsuit was launched by environmentalists last year.

Greenpeace response to reports of a reduction in the Japanese government whaling quota

Greenpeace, Thu November 27, 2008, [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - According to news reports in Japan this morning, there will be a 20% reduction in the number of whales targeted in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary hunt this year - the first reduction since 1987.

Massive Numbers Of Critically Endangered Western Lowland Gorillas Discovered In Republic Of Congo

Wildlife Conservation Society, Mon August 04, 2008, [PRESS RELEASE]
The world's population of critically endangered western lowland gorillas received a huge boost today when the Wildlife Conservation Society released a census showing massive numbers of these secretive great apes alive and well in the Republic of Congo.

Innovative methods bring quality schooling to poor children in Indonesia

UNICEF, Sat March 22, 2008, [PRESS RELEASE]
Solo, Indonesia - Ifah, 12, wakes up every day before dawn to get ready for school, reading over her lessons as she packs her bag. For this sixth-grader, learning is fun. “I love school, especially English,” she says.

Calion Lumber donates 2,900-acre easement to conserve old-growth forest along Ouachita River

Nature Conservancy, Fri January 25, 2008, [PRESS RELEASE]
Calion Lumber Company donated to the Conservancy a 2,900-acre conservation easement. The easement, located north of Camden in Ouachita County, includes six miles of frontage along both sides of the lower Ouachita River.

Researchers find new gene linked to breast cancer

University of Michigan Health System, Sun October 07, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Ann Arbor, MI - Researchers in a multicenter international study have identified a new gene that, if mutated, may increase a woman's risk of breast cancer by more than a third.

Amazon deforestation rates significantly down; WWF urges tighter forest policies

World Wildlife Fund, Tue September 04, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Brasilia, Brazil - While welcoming the announcement that the deforestation rate in the Brazilian Amazon dropped this year, WWF continues its efforts to ensure that policies are in place to balance development with conservation.

Bolivia: Child-friendly schools give hope to a young girl

Unicef, Mon August 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
El Alto, Bolivia - Mariela Mamani lives in Villa Tunari, one of the most populous areas in El Alto, Bolivia. In the vast neighborhoods that seem pressed into the soil of the high plain, it is easy to get lost.

EPRI-NRDC Report Finds Environmental Benefits of Deploying PHEVs

NRDC, Fri July 20, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Palo Alto, California, USA - The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) today released a comprehensive assessment that found that widespread use of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) in the United States could reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and potentially improve ambient air quality.

UNICEF emergency supplies reach flood victims in Myanmar

UNICEF, Fri July 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Yangon, Rakhine, Myanmar - UNICEF emergency supplies have arrived in Thandwe township in Myanmar's Rakhine State to help families affected by the recent floods there.

House appropriates $500,000 to protect Ebey’s Landing

Nature Conservancy, Fri July 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Seattle, Washington, USA - The U.S. House of Representatives took action that will both protect lands at the heart of Ebey's Landing Historical Reserve on Whidbey Island for all time, and also provide for the long-term stewardship of this significant area.

Statement on the Senate Vote to Raise Fuel Economy Standards for the First Time in Decades

National Resource Defense Council, Fri July 13, 2007, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, D.C, USA - Statement by Ann Bordetsky, NRDC Energy Policy Analyst, on the Senate vote to raise fuel economy standards for the first time in decades: "This is a vote for the auto industry's future, not its past. Automakers have the technology to improve fuel economy. This vote will help push more efficient cars into the marketplace."

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