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Regulators pull back from usage-based billing after half-a-million Canadians speak out

he CRTC has released its decision on Internet metering (usage-based billing), and pro-Internet organization is celebrating it as a step forward for the open and affordable Internet. The decision comes as the result of public pressure, channeled primarily through the group’s Stop The Meter campaign, which included a petition that attracted over half-a-million Canadians.
“It is truly rare for people to outmaneuver Big Telecom’s army of lobbyists, but together Canadians did it. Now that we’ve prevented big phone and cable companies from taking full control, it’s time to fix our broken telecom market for good. A first step is for Canadians to move to independent providers, then we need to shift policy so everyone has affordable choices for Internet access. Our future depends on it.
- executive director Steve Anderson, Open Media

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WWF and Sony sign climate saving deal

World Wildlife Fund, Thu July 27, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Tokyo, Japan - Sony will cut CO2 emissions from both operations and its product range as part of a deal struck with WWF.

Quantum Delivers Hydrogen Hybrid Vehicles to Santa Monica

Quantum Technologies, Sun June 18, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Irvine, CA - Quantum Fuel Systems Technologies Worldwide, Inc., today announced the delivery of five hydrogen-fueled Toyota Prius hybrid vehicles to the City of Santa Monica, California.

Organic Bouquet Delivers Carbon Neutral Flowers

Organic Bouquet, Sun June 18, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Portland, OR - The Climate Trust, a leading provider of carbon offset programs, and Organic Bouquet (, the nation's first organic floral company, have announced a partnership to purchase carbon offsets to mitigate greenhouse gases generated from shipping the company's flowers.

HSUS Urges Congress to Pass Farm Animal Stewardship Purchasing Act

The Humane Society of the United States, Tue June 13, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - Reps. Christopher Shays (R-Conn.) and Peter DeFazio (D-Ore.) made history for farm animals June 8 by introducing landmark legislation that would greatly improve the welfare of millions of animals on factory farms.

AFS files patent for 250 mpg ‘Extreme Hybrid’ plug-in car

AFS Trinity Power, Tue May 16, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Seattle, WA - AFS Trinity Power Corporation today filed its patent application disclosing the company's new technology for an Extreme Hybrid(TM) car capable of carrying the average American motorist more than 250 miles on a single gallon of gasoline or ethanol.

WWF and tourist operator sign agreement to protect the Arctic

World Wildlife Fund, Thu May 04, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Olso, Norway - WWF and Arctic tour operator Spitsbergen Travel have signed an agreement that will increase awareness about the Arctic environment among tourists, company employees and business partners.

New ILO Report Shows Marked Decline in Child Labor Worldwide

International Labor Organization, Thu May 04, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Geneva, Switzerland - Child labor, especially in its worst forms, is in decline for the first time across the globe, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said today, in a new, cautiously optimistic report entitled "The end of child labor: Within reach".

Greenpeace stops huge consignment of Amazon soya entering Europe

Greenpeace, Sun April 30, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Amsterdam - Sixty Greenpeace activists (1) today prevented commodities giant Cargill from unloading a shipment of Amazon soya in Amsterdam port, to protest against the destruction of huge tracts of the Amazon rainforest to grow soya to feed farm animals in Europe.

Apple Offers Free Computer Take-Back Program

Apple, Thu April 27, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Cupertino, CA - Apple today announced an expansion of its successful recycling program, offering free computer take-back and recycling with the purchase of a new Macintoshή system beginning in June.

New Truck Stop Electrification Station Maps Help Truckers Reduce Idling

National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Tue April 25, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Golden, CO - A new internet-based mapping program is helping truckers find truck stops with idle reduction facilities-on-site systems that can substantially cut fuel use while reducing air emissions.

Mexican Industry Takes Voluntary Action Against Climate Change

Mexico GHG Program , Sat February 25, 2006, [PRESS RELEASE]
Mexico City - Mexico's environment ministry (SEMARNAT) recognized fifteen major companies today for publicly reporting their greenhouse gas emissions through a voluntary public-private initiative known as the Mexico Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Program.

New Study On Link Between Lobbying And Corporate Responsibility

World Wildlife Fund, Mon August 08, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - WWF and SustainAbility launch a ground breaking report that reveals the strength of links between the corporate responsibility practices and government lobbying and public policy activities of 100 major global corporations.

Canada jumps with two-fold increase in Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, ranking 3rd global

KPMG, Tue June 21, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Toronto, Canada - Canada's corporate social responsibility reporting has improved significantly since 2002, now ranking third among the 16 nations to issue a stand-alone Corporate Responsibility (CR) report separate from their annual report, according to KPMG's International Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting 2005.

Human Monoclonal Antibody Against West Nile Virus Shows Promise in Animal Studies

Crucell N.V, Fri June 10, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Leiden, Netherlands - Dutch biotechnology company Crucell N.V. (Euronext:CRXL) (Nasdaq:CRXL) today announces the discovery of a monoclonal antibody for protection against West Nile virus.

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