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Australian startup reinvents the process of giving

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - New website facilitates charitable donations by enabling people to make a public promise and pay a nominated amount to a charity if they break that promise.

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Mars Express discovers aurorae on Mars

European Space Agency, Sat June 11, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Paris, France - ESA's Mars Express spacecraft has for the first time ever detected an aurora on Mars. This aurora is of a type never previously observed in the Solar System.

Human Monoclonal Antibody Against West Nile Virus Shows Promise in Animal Studies

Crucell N.V, Fri June 10, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Leiden, Netherlands - Dutch biotechnology company Crucell N.V. (Euronext:CRXL) (Nasdaq:CRXL) today announces the discovery of a monoclonal antibody for protection against West Nile virus.

Government of Canada Announces $9.2 Million to Help Conserve Species at Risk and Their Habitat

Government of Canada, Wed June 08, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Ottawa, Canada - The Honourable Stephane Dion, Minister of the Environment and the Honourable Geoff Regan, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans today announced $9.2 million in funding to help protect species at risk and their habitat.

NASA’s Phoenix Mars Mission Begins Launch Preparations

NASA, Fri June 03, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Los Angeles - NASA has given the green light to a project to put a long-armed lander on to the icy ground of the far-northern Martian plains. NASA's Phoenix lander is designed to examine the site for potential habitats for water ice, and to look for possible indicators of life, past or present.

Canadian, U.S Partners Protect Parcel Along Wild and Historic Lake Superior Tributary

Nature Conservancy, Sun May 29, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Ontario, Canada - Some 750 acres (304 hectares) along the Pigeon River, a key undeveloped tributary of Lake Superior, will be added to Ontario's protected areas system, establishing a corridor from the Pigeon River Provincial Park west to La Verendrye Provincial Park.

WWF/World Bank Forest Alliance launches ambitious program to reduce deforestation, illegal logging

World Wildlife Fund, Fri May 27, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
New York City - WWF and the World Bank (WB) today announced an ambitious global program aimed at reducing global deforestation rates by 10% by 2010.

The Percentage of U.S. Adults Who Smoke Continues to Decline

CDC, Thu May 26, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Atlanta, GA - The percentage of U.S. adults who smoke cigarettes continues to decline, according to an article in this week's issue of CDC's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR).

Breastfeeding As Good For Children’s Blood Pressure As Exercise And Salt Restriction

British Medical Journal, Thu May 26, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Breastfeeding is as good for children's blood pressure as exercise and dietary salt restriction, finds a study in Archives of Disease in Childhood.

Lemon Bay Preserve Protection Advances With Purchase of Bayfront Parcel

The Nature Conservancy, Sun May 22, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Sarasota, FL - On Tuesday, a piece of bayfront property that serves as habitat for the Florida scrub-jay, gopher tortoise and other rare species is set to be protected by Sarasota County with the help of The Nature Conservancy.

U.S. Forest Products Industry, Environmental Organizations Partner for Tsunami Reconstruction

World Wildlife Fund, Sun May 22, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - Two global conservation groups and the U.S. forest products industry have formed a unique partnership to help the tsunami-stricken people of Indonesia rebuild their lives without destroying the already threatened tropical forests of Sumatra.

Study Reveals Smog Clearing Properties Of Atmosphere

University of California, Wed May 18, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
San Diego, CA - Chemists at the University of California, San Diego and Purdue University have discovered that natural chemical processes in the atmosphere may be removing smog and other damaging hydrocarbons at a faster rate than once believed.

Envisat making sharpest ever global Earth map

European Space Agency, Tue May 10, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Paris, France - The most detailed portrait ever of the Earth's land surface is being created with ESA's Envisat environmental satellite.

ATK and NASA Successfully Test First Solar Sail Propulsion System

ATK, Tue May 10, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Minneapolis, MN - Alliant Techsystems and NASA have successfully tested the functional deployment and
attitude control of an ultra-lightweight, high-performing solar sail propulsion system.

Largest Integrated Health Campaign Ever Saves Children From Africa’s Two Leading Killers—Malari

American Red Cross, Sat May 07, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - During the largest integrated health campaign ever, held in Togo last December, more than 800,000 insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) to help prevent malaria were distributed along with the measles and polio vaccines and de-worming medicine (mebendazole).

NASA & NOAA Set To Launch New Environmental Satellite

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Sat May 07, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Greenbelt, MD - NASA is set to launch the new National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Polar-orbiting Operational Environmental Satellite (POES), another critical link in the development of a global Earth-observation program.

Internet program launched to prevent blindness in diabetic patients

Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, Fri May 06, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
North Carolina - A Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center team is launching a high-tech study to determine if early screening using a special camera and images transmitted over the Internet can prevent blindness in Medicaid patients with diabetes.

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