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Australian startup reinvents the process of giving

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - New website facilitates charitable donations by enabling people to make a public promise and pay a nominated amount to a charity if they break that promise.

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Two new lemur species discovered

Field Museum, Wed August 10, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Chicago, IL - German and Malagasy primatologists have discovered two new species of lemurs, naming one of them after Steve Goodman, a Field Museum scientist who has devoted nearly two decades to studying the animals of Madagascar.

New Study On Link Between Lobbying And Corporate Responsibility

World Wildlife Fund, Mon August 08, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Washington, DC - WWF and SustainAbility launch a ground breaking report that reveals the strength of links between the corporate responsibility practices and government lobbying and public policy activities of 100 major global corporations.

Conservancy Uses Aquaculture to Restore Sound’s Oysters

Nature Conservancy, Sun August 07, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Kill Devel Hills, NC - The demise of the eastern oyster and its reef habitat has reduced biodiversity in the Pamlico Sound, but The Nature Conservancy is hoping its newest restoration strategy may change the tide.

The Nature Conservancy Applauds Transportation Bill for Helping to Protect Nation’s Natural Heritage

Nature Conservancy, Thu August 04, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Arlington, Virginia - The Nature Conservancy today applauded Congress for including important conservation measures in the Safe, Affordable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users.

Thirteen more governments announce support for Arms Trade Treaty

Amnesty International, Sun July 24, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
New York City - In the last week thirteen more governments have announced their support for the international Arms Trade Treaty at a UN arms control meeting in New York.

Nature Conservancy acquires 3 miles along Santa Clara River

Nature Conservancy, Sat July 23, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Ventura, California - The Nature Conservancy announced today the acquisition of 377 acres in Ventura County as part of an ongoing effort to protect 20 miles along the Santa Clara River.

Researchers Offer New Approach For Testing Potential HIV Vaccines

Emory University, Wed July 20, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Atlanta, GA - Emory University researchers have proposed a new design for HIV vaccine trials in animals that would more closely mimic how humans are exposed to the virus - potentially giving AIDS researchers a more effective tool in developing successful treatments to prevent HIV infection.

Researchers make advances in wind energy generation

University of Alberta, Tue July 19, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Calgary, Alberta - Engineers at the University of Alberta have created a wind energy generator that they hope people will one day be able to use to power their own homes.

Record Number of Endangered Island Fox Pups Born

Nature Conservancy, Mon July 18, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Ventura, California - A captive breeding program designed to restore the endangered island fox to the Northern Channel Islands produced a record 38 pups this year. Over the past year biologists also recorded the births of 52 new pups in the wild, the National Park Service and The Nature Conservancy announced today.

African grey parrot is first bird to comprehend numerical concept akin to zero

Brandeis University, Tue July 12, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Waltham, MA - Ground-breaking research is reshaping understanding of the avian brain and holds promise in teaching learning-disabled children

The Nature Conservancy’s Nachusa Grasslands Preserve Expands to 2,500 Acres

Nature Conservancy, Wed June 29, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Chicago, IL - 2005-One of Illinois' most significant and dynamic prairies-The Nature Conservancy's Nachusa Grasslands Preserve-is growing from 1,500 acres to more than 2,500 acres.

MIT Physicists Create New Form Of Matter

Massachusetts Institute Of Technology, Sun June 26, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Cambridge, Mass - MIT scientists have brought a supercool end to a heated race among physicists: They have become the first to create a new type of matter, a gas of atoms that shows high-temperature superfluidity.

Keys Wastewater Funding Included in Senate Bill

Nature Conservancy, Fri June 24, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Altamonte Springs, FL - Conservation groups and concerned citizens throughout the Florida Keys cheered the good news this week that a Senate committee has set aside $3 million for Keys wastewater projects for next fiscal year.

The Turtles are on the Move!

Nature Conservancy, Fri June 24, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Minneapolis, MN - The threatened Blanding's Turtles are making their annual journey across Wabasha County Road 84 to their nesting grounds at The Nature Conservancy's Weaver Dunes Preserve!

Canada jumps with two-fold increase in Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting, ranking 3rd global

KPMG, Tue June 21, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
Toronto, Canada - Canada's corporate social responsibility reporting has improved significantly since 2002, now ranking third among the 16 nations to issue a stand-alone Corporate Responsibility (CR) report separate from their annual report, according to KPMG's International Survey of Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting 2005.

Family’s Donation Protects Critical Turtle Habitat in Warner and Webster

Nature Conservancy, Fri June 17, 2005, [PRESS RELEASE]
USA - When it comes to protecting land for wildlife, let’s face it, turtles usually aren’t the first things that come to mind.

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